Glutathione Injection - Glutax 12gs Nano Advance Sd Glutathione 12000mg

Glutathione Injection - Glutax Skin Whitening InjectionsDiscover the beautiful skin you have always desired and dreamt of by using skin whitening injections. It is the fastest way of getting fairer and whiter skin as it goes directly into your blood stream and works effectively to clear your skin. Skin whitening injections are becoming very popular nowadays and are used in many Asian countries. These are also used extensively by film stars and models for achieving clear, flawless and white skin. Successive intravenous infusion will remove all kind of discolorations and uneven skin tone revealing a healthy fair skin from underneath.

Successful people use Glutax 12gs Nano Advance Sd Glutathione

The healing touch of Glutathione for human body is already famous in the world. Over the decades the researchers have continuously finding out its various effects on human skin, organs and immunity system. In Glutax 12gs Nano Advance Sd, Glutathione is mixed with some other wonderful organic chemicals and vitamins by the researchers to form the most effectual skin whitening product on the earth. It works very fast and it has all round positive effect for the skin.


  • Glutathione Nano- 12gm
  • Licorice Extract in nano form- 350mg
  • Kojic Acid- 500mg
  • Ascorbic Acid- 2.5gm
  • Pro-Vitamin B3 - 350mg
  • Pro-vitamin B5 - 350mg
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid- 500mg
  • Collagen Extract- 500mg
  • Vitamin E – 400mg

Visible effect on skin:

Within a few weeks after using Glutax 12gs Nano Advance Sd, the user will notice the following changes in his or her skin:

  • Wrinkles and fast lines, if any, will disappear completely from every part of the skin.
  • Smoothness of the skin will be noticed and will be felt just by touching the hands or face.
  • Skin will look fairer than before.
  • Dark patches in the skin, dark circles under the eyes and blemishes will disappear very fast.
  • Acne and pimples will not appear anymore.

Apart from all positive effects on the skin, the body immunity will start to grow steadily. The user will feel rejuvenated and energized all the moment.


The injection is applied intravenously and is suitable for male and female of any age with normal physical conditions. One injection per week is the normal dosage of the injection; however it is always feasible to take advice from an expert as in some physical condition like during pregnancy, while breastfeeding and people allergenic to vitamins are asked to avoid this injection.

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