Glutathione Injection-Glutax 20g Supreme Cellular ultra whitening in India

Glutathione Injection - Glutax Skin Whitening Injections

Any level of fair complexion is possible with Glutax 20g Supreme Cellular ultra skin whitening injection

Individual with fair complexion and youthfulness wins everywhere. They get extra attention from people surrounding him or her; hence success comes easily to them. Glutax 20g Supreme Cellular ultra skin whitening product just does that job quite effectively for everybody. Over the years this amazing skin whitening product making thousands of people confident and energetic which makes them popular wherever they go.


The ingredients of Glutax 20g Supreme Cellular ultra whitening injection are as follows:

  • Glutathione- 20gm
  • Vitamin E Supreme- 500mg
  • Pro-Vitamin B3- 250mg
  • Pro-Vitamin B5- 100mg
  • Ascorbic Acid- 2g
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid- 200mg
  • Collagen Extract- 350mg

Each of these ingredients has their specific functions in human body. As a whole, this amazing composition gives the most effective skin whitening product that anybody can think of.

How Glutax 20g Supreme Cellular ultra whitening cures skin related issues?

Glutanova 900 skin whitening injections directly get mixed with our blood stream and work from inside the body to improve skin complexion and gives rapid results permanently.

  • Glutanova 900 skin whitening injections is recommended by dermatologist and skin care experts.
  • Whitens the skin, whitens dark lips giving it pinkish glow.
  • Prevents skin problems like discoloration, pimples, blemishes, scars and melisma.
  • Keeps skin rejuvenated, fresh, supple and moisturized throughout the day.
  • Anti-ageing properties that removes signs of ageing.
  • Permanent skin whitening.
  • Doesn’t allow skin problems to come back in future by protecting it from environmental hazards.

How Glutanova 900 skin whitening injections makes your skin younger looking?

This amazing injection heals all skin related issues from the very core of human physical structure. Skin related problems actually occur due to a number of deficiencies in human body. So, mere replenishment of superficial of the skin issues doesn’t stay for a long time. Glutax 20g Supreme Cellular ultra whitening works on every organ, circulatory system, all the three layers of skin, and on the muscles. Hence, it rectifies the problems like fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, dark patches, dull look, and many other problems very efficiently. Moreover, the antioxidants especially Glutathione, keeps the body free from many toxic metals and free radicals which can otherwise damage many vital organs in the long run.


  • One injection weekly for the first two months.
  • One or two injections monthly after two months.


  • Pregnant women.
  • During breastfeeding period.
  • People undergoing other treatment processes.
  • People allergenic to vitamins.
  • People undergoing cardiovascular treatment.

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