Glutathione Skin Whitening Injections in India

Glutathione Skin whitening injections are immensely popular products all over the world. Skin whitening injections are getting ever increasing popularity due to their multifarious benefits for the skin and the body. Apart from improving complexion of the skin, these injections also act as anti-aging agents by reducing wrinkles and fine lines. These injections are specially prepared with glutathione as the major ingredient.

Glutathione: the most effective ingredient

Almost all skin whitening injections contain glutathione as their major ingredient. This is one of the most effective skin whitening ingredient as well as a powerful antioxidant known to the experts.

Glutathione Injections is naturally available a thiol-tripeptide having a low molecular weight. It plays a prominent role in controlling the intracellular Redox reaction. Glutathione is an extremely powerful antioxidant. At the same time, in some recent studies, its anti-melanogenic properties have also been revealed. This has made it an extremely powerful and effective skin-lightening agent. Due to this particular property, which was already known in many traditional medicines, it is widely in some ethnic populations from very ancient times. So, the same effects of glutathione are now available in skin whitening injections too.

Glutathione is already present in the human body in very small quantities in its reduced form. Here, it plays an important role in various physiological functions. The skin-lightening effects of glutathione results from the inhibition of the tyrosinase enzyme and converting from eumelanin to pheomelanin production.

Glutathione is available in oral, parenteral and topical forms. Even though, the use of IV glutathione injections is the most popular ones. Here are some other benefits of using glutathione regularly:

Important Points

  • It works as a powerful anti-oxidant. It nullifies free radicals very effectively. It also eliminates heavy toxic chemicals from the cells. No other antioxidant is as efficient and as prompt as glutathione.
  • It also largely controls cellular health. Glutathione is a source of three most important amino acids, viz. Glutamine, Cysteine, and Glycine. These amino acids are the building blocks of cells. Thus, whenever the cells are damaged for any external or internal reasons glutathione comes into rescue by quickly replenishing the cells.
  • As said earlier, glutathione inhibits tyrosinase enzyme. By doing so, it reduces melanin concentration in the body. This makes the skin fair and bright.

Thus, glutathione alone has multifarious activities in the body. Apart from keeping the skin healthy and bright, it also keeps the body stronger by keeping the vital organs stronger and functional.

Skin whitening injections are better than pills

Experts always ask to use skin whitening injections, because these are many times better than pills. Injections act promptly on the body and also works for a long time than pills. That is why, experts always advise for skin whitening injections. Here are some other important reasons that explain why injections are better than pills

  • A skin whitening injection mixes with the blood promptly, which is much faster than a skin whitening pill.
  • A skin whitening injection contains higher quantities of glutathione than in the skin whitening pills.
  • The “half-life” of skin whitening injection is much longer than the skin whitening pills.
  • The ingredients in the skin whitening injections are much more active than the same ingredients in the pills. It happens, because the ingredients in the pill are at first metabolized in the digestive system for which their effectiveness changes a lot. This problem doesn’t happen in case of injections.

Benefits of skin whitening injections

Skin whitening injections are extremely popular skin whitening products due to their several benefits to the skin. Some of the most common benefits of skin whitening injections are as follows

  • These injections actively control hyperpigmentation. Due to hyperpigmentation, the skin looks dark and in different parts of the skin gets darker patches. Right from the first week of using these skin whitening injections, skin begins to look fair and bright.
  • These injections smoothen the rough surface of the skin. Due to different reasons, the cells in the top surface of the skin may be damaged. This causes the roughness of the skin. With regular use of skin whitening injections, the damaged cells are quickly replenished.
  • These injections also work as an effective antiaging product. Aging symptoms are quite cumbersome for the people who get it, especially for the younger generation. Such symptoms may be wide ranging, like losing elasticity of the skin, fine lines, wrinkles, etc. Glutathione rich skin whitening injections solve this problem promptly.
  • These injections also eliminate pimples and acnes effectively. Such problems never arise again. Skin whitening injections also eliminate black spots, red spots, stretch marks, and blemishes very efficiently.
  • These injections protect the skin from the damaging effects of UV rays of the sun. People who need to spend long hours outdoor remains exposed to UV rays for the maximum time.

The other benefits of skin whitening injections are as follows

  • These injections keep the vital organs like the heart, liver and kidney in fine condition.
  • These injections strengthen the muscles and increases lean mass of the body.
  • These injections enhance the immunity of the body remarkably. General diseases do not affect the users of skin whitening injections easily.
  • These injections enhance the digestive capacity and its ability to extract vital ingredients from the foods efficiently.

As a whole, skin whitening injections are all-in-one solutions against a multiple of skin problems. On regular use, the user looks fair, bright and extremely smart in all aspects.


The skin whitening injections can’t be taken if the person has any disease, especially those having cardiovascular disease or heart disease. Pregnant women, and those, who are still breastfeeding their babies should not take these injections for the time being. Besides, people allergenic to vitamins can’t take these injections also.


Dosages of skin whitening injections depend on the target of the willing users. Normally, three injections weekly are advised by the experts. The primary doses continue for 2-3 months. After attaining the desired results, the dosages can be reduced to one injection weekly, and after six months, 2 injections monthly. Results may vary depending on the immunity and current complexion of an individual.

What makes skin whitening injections better than skin whitening pills?

Skin Whitening Injections contain Glutathione and other nutrients/Vitamins that are injected directly in the veins i.e. blood stream and gets absorbed faster than the skin whitening pills. Also it contains more quantity of Glutathione than skin whitening pills.

How long before results are visible?

Normally an average person will take around 3 boxes to get visible desired results but skin whitening results depend on a person’s metabolism. Some might see results as fast as in 4 injections and some might take more time. Rate of absorption also matter and differs.

Can I stop taking skin whitening injections once I get desired results?

It is advisable to continue the course of skin whitening injections as it will keep the skin nourished and in good tone. Also apart from skin whitening, Glutathione is a very important element that our body require for good health. It improves immune system and protects the body against diseases. It also keep the person look young and supple.


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